Sexy Hips

Sexy Hips and Thin Waist

Sexy Hips In belay dance there is always too much stress on waist and hips which adds to the dance with a lure effect that attracts men. In African regions women put pillows under their skirts and pants to pretend that have heavy, huge and sexy hips. Moreover it declares that they can bear and deliver several children easily as it is tradition to have big family in Africa.
On the other hand the thin waist give the same result and for that purpose, Elizabethan ladies used to wear frocks and gowns too very tight at the waist. Sometimes it was so very tight that it prevented ladies to breathe easily. “Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Black Pearl’” has such an incident when Elizabeth falls in the ocean just because of the tight dress that made her breathing process too hard for her. There was another way to achieve thin when ladies to get their lower ribs operated. Don’t you feel that it was too much a sacrifice to get the thin waist?
Sexy Hips and thin