Naked Walk of Fame

Naked Walk of Shame and Naked Walk of Fame

Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) in Season five and Daenerys (Amelia Clarke) in season 6, both walked naked on screen. Both showed their bodies and audience witnessed their beauty. This is very strange and ironic that Cersei’s walk was that of shame and Daenreys was of fame, which melted the Naked Walk of Shame and Naked Walk of Famehearts of the whole tribe men and women and they confirm her being the goddess and bow before, as she came out of the flames after burning all her opponents alive. On the other hand Cersei, though took her revenge from the nun, Septa Unella and the High Sparrow with all the brutality, she could have thrust upon them, had the most humiliating moments anyone could have ever imagined, walking naked down the street, to her castle. During the walk she faced the utmost hatred of the citizens who threw garbage on her, invited her for sex on street and humiliated her by calling the names. Though, both the actors had different consequences and so their walks project image of theirs, full contrary to one another.