Mia Wasikowska Shines in Supernatural

Mia Wasikowska Shines in SupernaturalEdith from Crimson Peak is our beloved Mia Wasikowska. Mia, loves to work in distinctive metaphorical Ghost stories; Stories that are supernatural fiction, Mia is best known for. A face that is so very beautiful and splendid that suits in all kinds of the movie genres.

She, in the beginning of Alice in the Wonderland appeared to be a girl ready to sacrifice herself for a good settlement for her family. Than the development of her character begins when she moves into the strange world where she met Red queen, White queen and of course the most lovable Hatter and the Cat. Finally she appeared to be the challenging warrior who slays the head of the dragon and broke the backbone of the red queen. And after she gets back to her family, refuses to marry the dumb and took charge of her father’s business.

In Crimson Peak Mia, in the beginning is a devoted daughter who tries her hard to become a writer and again of ghost stories. He longs her mother but is happy with her father, she is found different when she met the love of her life, Sir Thomas Sharpe, the character performed by Tom Hiddleston. Mia, when losses her father in the movie, acts on her character so well that audience watched amazing performance dripping from her beautiful being and we see her developing in to a mature character. Just like Alice in the Wonderland we find her doing justice to all the gradual development of her character in Crimson Peak too; from an innocent girl to a lover, than to a person who could kill to rescue her life.

She is a natural actor and her physical gestures transforms with the development of the story. She fits in the Mia Wasikowska Shines in Supernaturaldevelopment so well that it is never felt that she is actually acting but it is felt that she is in that drastic situation in real. Mia has abilities to draw the attention of the audience and to engage them till the last scene of the movie. Her co-actors in both the movies are the brilliant ones, in Alice in the Wonderland she performs next to Johnny Depp and in Crimson Peakshe has Tim Hiddleston for her co-star. Mr. Depp and Tim needs no introduction and are very well known figures of the Hollywood. They are versatile actors and their inclusion in any of the movie suggests movie’s success. Johnny Depp became the highly paid leading actor with the success of Pirates of the Caribbean’s franchise. While on the other hand Tim is also an integral part of Thor’s Franchise. Performing with such people is demanding in self. The audience and the critics never felt that Mia legged behind from any of her male co-actors in any way. She also has become a fundamental part of Alice in The Wonderland’s franchise. She is given a better chance once again to use her acting abilities to her level best in, “Alice Through the Looking Galss.”

Jessica Chastain was the only whom Mia could not compete in performance in Crimson Peak. Jessica overshadowed every actor in the movie including Tim Hiddlestion accept for Judith’d father whose role was played by Jim Beaver though his role ended up in the first half of the movie yet it’s echo was heard till the last.

Mia is a wonderful actor and in the upcoming years she will shine and flourish as a versatile actor for sure.