Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke Nude Scene

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Emilia Clarke reveals on The Graham Nortons show that she saw her nude scene with her parents. This is a scene from the latest season of

2016 Game of the Thrones; in which she plays the role of the dragon lady known as the mother of dragons. Later on social media she revealed that in the season 1 and in 3 she was shown nude and was not comfortable about it. This time in season 6 she feel strong, controlled and happy about this scene and she declares that it was a chill moment for her and she has ability to control the things she felt hesitant about previously.

Emilia Clarke Nude Scene
This scene itself is a very strong and intense where she was rebuked and she gets her revenge. Emilia burnt his opponent alive while she stood alive in the fire as the audience know that she if fire proof. She comes out of the burning ruins of the building and every single person kneeled down before her in surrender. This is again following the legacy of the previous seasons.

Emilia Clarke Nude Scene